Sensitive Skin Care

According to dermatologist, most people that think they have sensitive skin, do not have sensitive skin. They have normal skin. Sensitive skin people have many allergic reactions to most products on the market. Not a couple of products over the last couple of years. It is common to be allergic to a couple of products over several years. My doctor confirmed that I do have sensitive skin and told me tips to help my sensitive skin. 

Patch testing: Since, sensitive skin varies from person to person it is best to test the product onto your skin. To perform a patch test, you will need to swipe the product onto your skin by the front of your ears. Then you will wait 24-48 hours to see if you have a reaction from a product. Skin reactions to the products are listed below:

  • rash
  • skin bumps and/or pustules
  • Itchy skin
  • burning sensation
  • hives

The product did not cause any irritation, then you are not allergic to the product. If you do have an allergic reaction, then you know not to use the product. In the long-run it can save you money by testing the product before buying.

Products to look for in a product:

  • only a few products (the less ingredients the less likely it is to irritate the skin)
  • little or no fragrance ( fragrance is a common ingredient to be allergic to)

Product to avoid:

  • antibacterial or deodorant ingredients
  • alcohol
  • retinoids or alpha-hydroxy acids
  • Natural botanical ingredients ( it can irritate some sensitive skin but do not need to avoid completely)

cleansing: My doctor suggested to avoid products that contain fragrance, alcohol and strong soap based detergents. She said it will most likely irritate sensitive skin then other skin types. Instead look for products that are soap free, fragrance free and alcohol free.  

Exfoliating:  Also, avoid microdermabrasion and scrubs in skin care products. They are more likely to cause an irritation on the skin. All you need is  a washcloth and your normal cleanser. The bumps on the washcloth will remove the dead skin cells and serve as an exfoliate. You want to use a clean wash cloth with your normal cleanser two or three times a week. Some people may need to exfoliate less than then two to three times a week. If you find your skin becoming irritated, then try exfoliating your skin less. After you exfoliate your skin, you will want to moisturize your skin.

Moisturizing: You will want to use a product that has no fragrance, alcohols and other ingredients. Some products contain soothing ingredients but can still be irritating for someone with sensitive skin. Before purchasing a moisturizer, try doing a patch test.


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