How to choose the right shade of blush

This can be a difficult choice for numerous amount of people. There are so many shades available and not every shade is going to be flattering. Over time, people tried to answer this question. I will go through the method, I get the right shade every time.

One method is to find your skin’s undertone. I find some color in the opposite undertone of my skin is very flattering. It also does not talk about the intensity ( how light or dark a shade is on the spectrum of colors) of the blush shade. In my opinion this is one of the most important aspects. Very pale blush colors will not be flattering for someone with a deep complexion. However, deep blushes will not flatter someone with fair skin. This is one way of finding a flattering blush but it is not the only one. I typically do not use this method of finding the perfect blush because I think it is confusing for a majority of people.

Another method is finding your skin natural flush. This method will ensure you get a natural flush. However, some people do not want a natural flush. The method is not going to be useful. I use this method that I will go on more detail later. Also, the specific reason, I use the natural flush method.

Finding your natural flush:

Your natural flush is the little bit of redness that show through when you are excerising, in cold weather or pinch your cheeks. Everyones natural flush will be different. The intensity of the shade will change depending on your skin tone. My natural flush is a peachy shade.

One of the easiest ways of finding your natural flush is by pinching your cheeks. The blood will rush to the surface and your natural flush will appear. Another way is to exercise for a little bit. When you exercise your natural flush will appear. Lastly, going out in the cold weather will also show your natural flush. However, not every climate has very cold weather. This will be determine of the time of year and the climate you live in. Note: You shouldn’t be wearing any makeup when finding your natural flush. The shade will not be accurate.

When going to the store to purchase a blush, you will have an idea of a shade. Try to find one that matches perfectly to your natural flush. This shade will always be very flattering and will go with a majority of makeup looks.

My method of finding the perfect blush:

The perfect shade of blush will not be any darker than your natural flush. If the blush is darker than your natural flush, you will look hurt. This is not a very flattering look. For example, my natural flush as I mention earlier is a peachy shade. If I go darker than a peach shade, I will look hurt. This will determine how dark of blush will be flattering for you. When I look at a bunch of blush shade, I know to look at the lighter shades of blush.

Also, remember fair and beige skin do not have any brown tones in their skin. If you choose a blush that has brown tone, it will not be flattering. The purpose of blush is not to bronze the cheeks but to brighten your complexion. People with deeper skin will have brown tones to their skin and will be a flattering color. However, deeper skin tones will not look well with a pale or light color blush. They risk looking ashy.

When choosing a blush anyone can choose a brighter blush but not darker. People with fair skin will want to use a light hand when using a bright blush. It will be flattering as long as you properly apply the color.

Overall keep this few tips in mind, when choosing the right shade of blush

  • do not go darker than your natural flush
  • It is ok to go brighter not darker than your natural flush
  • Do not go for brown tone, if you have no brown tones in your skin
  • Deep complexions should avoid pale and light color blush
  • Fair and beige complexions should avoid anything too dark
  • Remember to always use a light hand when using a blush. You can always use more blush but it is hard to take away blush

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