Drugstore Foundations for fair/pale skin

In my experience trying to find a pale enough foundation is very tricky. Foundations, I bought in the past either have been too dark or make me look like a corpse. Other foundations made me look like I had a mask on my face. I personally did not enjoy that appearance. The foundations, I seem to enjoy are natural finishes or ones that do not look like a mask on my skin. In my opinion, foundations are tricky to recommend to people since everyone wants something different from a foundation. Hopeful, I give enough options of foundation that are suitable for fair skin tones. 

Drugstore Foundations:

  • L’Oreal true match: This foundation comes in three different undertones- warm, neutral and cool. The lightest shade the company offers has a one next to the letter. For example: w1- this means the foundation is a warm shade and is the lightest shade the company offers.  The foundation formulas are a compact cream foundation, powder foundation and liquid foundation. I checked the formula L’Oreal says the carry at this time period.


  • Revlon Colorstay in Ivory or Buff: This is a popular drugstore foundation and does have a good foundation range. The lightest shade is a little lighter than MAC foundations. I believe Buff is about a MAC NC15. Revlon Colorstay comes in two different formula- one for normal/dry skin and another for combination/oily. This foundation comes in a liquid foundation and a whipped foundation.


  • Revlon Photoready in Ivory 001: This foundation comes in a liquid foundation. I know this foundation also comes in a mousse formula. I heard it looks orange on fair skin tones. 


This are the foundation, I know make pale foundations. There may be other drugstore foundations that are pale that I do not know about.  Overall, companies do make pale foundations and do not need to spend a lot of money. There are other pale foundations that are more expensive but I know not everyone can spend a lot on foundations. 


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