Finding a flattering pair of jeans Part one

Jeans are hard to find for a lot of people. The best advice is to try on the jeans. You will not know how the jeans will fit you unless you try them on. Each brand of clothing runs differently and may be different sizes. I wanted to make a guide to find a flattering pair of jeans. It is hard to shop for jeans without some basic knowledge of jeans.

Types of Jeans:

  • Boot cut: The boot cut jean is fitted through the hip and knee area. It then widens out slightly from the knees down. The leg opening is about 16 to 18 inches.
  • Flare:  It is similar to the boot cut but has a wider leg opening. The flare jean is also fitted through the thigh and knee area. However, the leg opening is 18 or more inches.
  • Wide leg: This type of jean has a looser fit from the hips down. The wide leg is the same width throughout the entire length. It has a leg opening of about 18 to 20 inches.
  • Skinny: They are snug throughout the butt and thigh area. A skinny jean tapers to a narrow leg opening. The leg opening is approximately 12 inches or less. However, they are usually not less than 10.5 inches. You will still need to get your foot through the jeans.
  • Straight: They give a similar appearance of skinny jeans. The style of jeans has the same width from the knee down. The leg opening is approximately 14 inches.
  • Boyfriend Jean: This style should be avoided for petite frames. It will overwhelm your frame size. It is baggy and shapeless. It can hide bigger thighs and legs. However, it may not be the most flattering style of jeans.

Rise of Jeans: It means where the jeans sit in proportion of your body

  • Super low: This is a daring style and may see your undergarments. It sits about four to five inches below your navel. It is not very flattering for most people.
  • Low rise: This sits about two to three inches below the belly button. It will not flatter anyone with a muffin top or carries their weight in the stomach.
  • Mid rise: This rise of jean is the most flattering for most people. It sits just below the belly button. You should not see any of your undergarments with this rise of jeans.
  • High rise: It is a very fashion forward look but does not flatter everyone. The waist either sits on the navel or above it.

Wash of Jeans: They come in a variety of colors and prints

  • Dark wash jeans- they do not need to be a dark indigo. It can include black and grey. This wash will slim down your hips and thighs. However, it is flattering for people without a lot of curves. The wash looks great on everyone.
  • Fading in the thigh- A slight fading in the thigh of the jean will help create an illusion of leaner legs. This is very flattering for someone with shorter legs, bigger hips and thighs. A lot of fading throughout the thigh area can add more curves to your figure. This is great for someone without a lot of curves wanting to look curvier
  • Lighter washes- It gives the legs and hips more curves. If you have bigger hips and thighs will not be very flattering. However, it is flattering for someone without a lot of curves.

Pockets: Jeans have a variety of pockets that you can choose from

  • 4 pockets: There are two pockets in the front of the jeans and two pockets in the back. This style of pocket has no little pocket for change
  • 5 pockets: This is the most common type of pocket. It has two pockets in the front with a small pocket for change. There are two pockets in the back.
  • Flap pockets: This type of jeans has two regular pockets in the front. However on the back as two flaps. The flaps will make your butt look bigger. It is good style for someone with a small butt and wanting it to look bigger. However, it is not a good style for someone with a medium to a bigger butt.
  • Seamed pocket: The pocket is inside the pants with an opening on the outside of the pants
  • Utility pocket: This pocket is typically used in carpenter or cargo pants.
  • Multi pockets: It has many pockets throughout the pants. It is common in cargo and carpenter style pants
  • Embellished/decorated pockets: They will make your butt look bigger. It will not look very flattering for someone with a medium to bigger butt. It is a great style for someone with a small butt wanting it to look bigger.
  • No pockets: This does not look very good on most people and should be avoided.

Petites will look good with smaller pockets. Bigger pockets will overwhelm your small frame. If you are tall a bigger pocket will look great. It will go well with your bigger frame ( I do not mean bigger frame meaning fat). People with lower bigger butts will look good with a larger pocket. It will balance out your shape. However, you do not want the pockets to be too low.

Waistband and Back Yoke:

Jeans that contain 1-2% lycra or spandex will be flattering for everyone. The elasticity will help hold everything in place without being uncomfortable. If you have a tummy looks for a waistband that has a double layer of denim. It will act like a girdle by holding in your tummy.

The back of the jeans are just as important as the front of the jeans. I will go through some terms for the back yoke that you may be unaware. Different designers use different back yokes to enhance the look of the jeans on you.


  • The v-yoke most common type of back yoke designers use on pants. It is flattering on everyone.
  • Wide Yoke:  It is not a very flattering style on females but looks great on some guys. The wide yoke is supposed to give you a falling down pants look. The illusion is the placement of the pockets. The pockets are way below the butt
  • No Yoke: This is typically with a seamed pocket. This is good for people with bigger bottoms. It is a very conservative look.
  • Horizontal or straight Yoke: This style only works well for someone wanting to enhance their curves. The type of design of the back yoke will make your waist appear wider.

Sweet Heart: This design looks best on people with a small butt. It will not be flattering for someone with a medium to a bigger butt. It makes you look butt look curvier. 


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