Finding a flattering pair of jeans part two

People are different heights and need different lengths of pants. I believe the best way to know how long the jeans should be is by measuring your inseam. The inseam of the jeans mean how long of length from the bottom of the crotch to about a quarter of an inch from the ground. However, skinny jeans should end about your ankle. So you will want to measure the inseam from the bottom of the crotch to your ankles. It will most likely your inseam will be from 26 inches to 38 inches. 

There are two ways of measuring the inseam. The first method is measuring a pair of jeans that are the right length. However, if the jeans are not the right length it will not give your actual inseam. The second method is to measure from the bottom of your crotch to about to  your ankle/quarter inch from the ground. You may need to get someone to help you measure the inseam. After you found your inseam, you will want to right it down. 

Tool you will need to find your inseam

– flat measuring tape

– The shoes you are planning of wearing with the jeans. 

When looking at a bunch of jeans, companies often tell you the inseam of the pants. The average pair of pants will be about 32 inches. However, the jean will tell you if the inseam is 30 inches or 36 inches. Sometimes despite finding your inseam, you will still need to hem your pants. 


Some designers pre-wash their jeans so they can measure the amount of shrinkage and shrink in length. Jeans can shrink in length about an 1/2 of inch. So you may want a bigger inseam if the jeans are not pre-washed. Before getting your pants hemmed you will want to wash your jeans because the jeans will not become too short.


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