Department Store/High End Foundations For Fair Skin Tones

Sometimes, I find it is easier to find a shade that matches the skin in a department store. Foundations, concealers and colored powder, I feel it is essential to find one that matches your skin tone. It is not supposed to make us look tanner. Its purpose is to even out the skin tone. I tried to list several different foundations for different skin types. However, I did not list any foundations for sensitive skin. Since sensitive skin tends to react to different ingredients in different products. If you have sensitive skin, try testing the products before purchasing to see if you have any allergic reactions.
Nar’s Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte Foundation: Both foundations are liquid formulations and do not come with a pump. However, you can buy a pump separately. Both foundations are not suitable for people with dry skin because it emphasizes every dry parts of your face. The lightest shade is called Siberia, which is lighter than a MAC NC15. The next shade is Gobi, which is a little lighter than a MAC NC15. An equivalent shade to a MAC NC15 is Mont Blanc, which is the third lightest foundation.
Make Up Forever HD Foundation: The foundation comes in a large amount of shades and can be difficult in choosing a shade. The only skin type, I do not recommend this foundation is oily. It will not last as long as other foundations. The lightest shade is 107 is very pink based. The next shade 110 is also pink based but not as much as the 107. If your skin tone has a pink undertone and is lighter than a MAC NC15 then 107 or 110 will be the right shade. Shades 115 (pink undertones), 117 (yellow undertone) and 118 (Beige undertone) are close to a MAC NC15.
Estee Lauder Double Wear: It is a foundation that is hit or miss for people with fair skin. Some people find the shade matches then perfectly and others find it looks orange on them. I would recommend getting a sample of this foundation before purchasing. This foundation is best for people with oily skin because it gives a matte finish to the skin. It will emphasize any dryness on your skin. Some shades that are light enough for some fair skin is shell, ecru and 1C1.
Bobbi Brown Foundation: Bobbi Brown came with several different types of foundation meant for different skin types. There should foundation that matches your skin type. All of the foundations are yellow based. The lightest shade, called Alabaster is lighter than a MAC NC15. The second lightest shade, porcelain is about a MAC NC15.
Lancome Teint Idole: Some people find this foundation matches their skin tone exactly and others find it looks too orange. It works for a lot of different skin tones, since it does not have a matte finish. The lightest shade is Ivoire 1(C) which may be light for some people. It is best to try this foundation before purchasing
Paul & Joe Light Cream: It is a very light shade of foundation and is lighter than a MAC NC15. The company does not have a lot of shades to choose from. The lightest shade is called Alabaster (00). This foundation is not available everywhere and may need to purchase online. The foundation is good for people with dry skin, since it will give more moisture to the skin.
NARS Powder Foundation: This is good foundation for people with oily skin because the foundation will soak up the excess oil. There are two shades that are light enough for people with fair skin: Siberia and Mont Blanc. Siberia is the lightest shade and Mont Blanc is the second lightest shade.
Illamasqua foundations: They have different types of foundations that some start at white and work their way up to more flesh tone shades. This foundation certainly will match the palest of skin tones and the white is a great mixture product for any foundation too dark. The white foundation will make any foundation lighter.
Bare Escentuals: This is a mineral foundation company that has two excellent shades for fair skin tone: fair and fairly light. The foundation is not great for dry skin, since the powder may emphasize any dry patches.
I find that department brands have more shades that match fair skin. However, there are low cost options that make fair shades of foundations. Often times at a departments store, you can try the product on your face before purchasing. This way, you are not stuck with a foundation that is too dark for your skin tone.


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