Shorts that will flatter your body shape

I notice that more stores are putting out there shorts and there are so many different styles. Shorts can be just as difficult to find ones that fit just like jeans. I wanted to create a basic guide that may give you tips that will help you when shopping for shorts.
If you have a tummy (apple shape) then you will not want anything too tight on your body which will make you look bigger. You will want a generous fit through the middle that will be more comfortable. Also, you will want to look for a wider waistband to help hold in your tummy. Also, subtle pleats will create a focus away from your belly. You will want to avoid any detail (such as belts, patch pockets) on your shorts which will draw more attention to your belly. Any tops that flow away from your stomach will not draw attention to your stomach. You will want to avoid the very short shorts which will help draw attention to your stomach.
If you have wide hips or pear shape you will want to avoid any tightness which will not be flattering. You want to avoid tapered shorts because it will draw attention to your wider hips. Instead, choose a straight leg short from the widest part of your hips. It will help create a flattering shape. Also, any dark colors will make your hips look smaller. Also avoid pockets that line up with the side seams because they will emphasize the fact that you have wider hips. You will want to choose shorts that are a little bit longer and avoid the very short shorts. They will help make your hips look bigger. A short that is mid-thigh will be flattering and can help conceal any full thigh.
An hourglass figure is blessed with the many different options of shorts. You will want to pick shorts that are not low cut because they may gap in the back. Any mid rise and high rise will help eliminate the gapping problem. Also a contour waist band will help eliminate the annoying gapping problem. One style of shorts that will not be the most flattering is the straight cut style. It will not accentuate your curves which I believe they should be shown off. After all the entire hourglass is considered the ideal figure and people will wish they have your curves. I also believe the most flattering short length is mid thigh or Bermuda shorts.
If you have a straight figure or an athletic figure than you will want to play with any details, texture, designs. They will add interest to your figure and there are very few styles that you cannot pull off. One style that will not be the most flattering is the baggy style. It will make you look shapeless and dumpy.
Last body shape is the inverted triangle which your shoulders and bust are wider than your lower half. You will want to give your hips extra oomph by helping to create an hourglass figure. You will want to avoid any tapered shorts which will make you look top heavy. Any print, pleats, details will help balance out your figure. Dark color shorts can also be flattering since it will make you look slimmer. A slightly flare short will balance out your top half.
Now the secondly, I think it is important to mention tips for different heights. Since everyone in different height groups are not the same body shape.
Petites: You will want to avoid any crop pants which will make you look shorter. It will give the illusion that you are bigger and your legs will look stumpy.
Tall: You can pull of the capris because it will help break up your height. It will not make your legs look stumpy and have the opposite effect of someone that is petite.
Short torso: A low rise pant will help create a longer torso. Of course you do not want to go too low which may reveal a muffin top, plumbers crack or anything you wear underneath your pants.
Long torso: You will want to go higher rise because it will help create a shorter torso. This will create a balance vertical body shape.
I think no matter your body shape it is best to show case the body and do not need to change anything about you. You do not need to lose weight to have the perfect body because no one has the perfect one. I believe that good style is not the size that you are but the confident.


3 thoughts on “Shorts that will flatter your body shape

  1. Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to sumit it once more if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second choice doesnt surprise me lol. thanks in your very good blog!

    • I am unsure why the blog glitced out on you and I have not had anyone had the same issue. However, people may be having the same issue but I am just unaware.

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