Dangers of Using Fake Lashes , dying your eye lashes and Lash Extensions

Fake eye lashes, lash extensions and dying your eye lashes are bad for your natural lashes. There are products on the market that help your natural lashes grow longer. They are much safer to use for your eyes.

The glue used to put on fake lashes and lash extensions damages the skin around the eyes. Overtime your lashes can fall out that could be permanent. Also, I recommend to not to have your eye lashes dyed. It can damage the eyes which can make you go blind.  

Instead, I recommend using a product that will help grow your lashes naturally without having serious side effects. Some of these growth treatments for your lashes are prescription only, which means a doctor has to prescribe it to you. The doctor will probably tell you the side effects so you can make an informed decision. One product I know is prescription is Latisse  which actually does make your lashes grow longer. The lashes grow fuller and darker. Latisse works well on bald spots on the eye brows too. The side effects of the prescription are change colors of the iris (not common), itchiness, redness and darkening the eye lid. If you get any of these side effect stop using the product and call your doctor.

Another lash growing product is RapidLash which is similar to the prescription Latisse. It is less expensive then the prescription (I am not counting insurance, which may make the prescription cheaper). It helps your natural lashes grow. A new lash growing procedure is called Lashdip which make you look like you are wearing mascara and the product coats the lashes. It’s generally safer than dying your lashes.

The lash growing treatment and Lashdip are not going to give you the instant fullness and length as lash extension or fake lashes. However, they are much safer for your eyes and do not have as bad side effects.  


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