Toner or No Toner: Do You Really Need One

The skin care market say that you need a toner to remove excess oil, make up and dirt from your skin. However, not everyone needs a toner and will not be a benefit for everyone. It really depends on your skin type and if you have sensitive skin.
People that should not use a toner are people that suffer from eczema, rosacea, reactive skin, dry and sensitive skin. It can further aggravate your skin further. Also, people with sensitive skin may have a hard time finding a toner that will not irritate the skin. If you feel you absolutely need a toner than rinse off the toner right off. It will have less time to aggravate your skin and dry out your skin further.
Skin types that should use a toner are oily, combination, acne-prone or normal skin. Not everyone will need to use a toner twice a day. People with oily skin and/or acne-prone will want to use a toner twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Combination and normal skin types will only need to use a toner once a day.
One way to tell you need a toner is if your skin gets shiny about four a clock in the afternoon (if your skin was not just cleansed). If your skin gets shiny then your skin type is oily and will want to use a toner twice a day.
A lot of people should not use a toner despite the market telling everyone to use one. During the winter months you may find that your skin gets drier and may find that you do not need to use a toner. If you have any more questions than please leave me a comment and I will answer your questions.


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