Makeup Tips for Hot, Humid Weather

It seems every year when the weather warms up my makeup starts to melt off my face. Any heavy makeup seems to feel uncomfortable to me. My skin gets extra oily which makes my makeup almost impossible to stay on all day. However, makeup for hot, humid weather does not have to be high maintenance.

Regardless of the season, it is important to wear SPF every day. The sun is damaging and can cause the painful sunburns or even worst sun poisoning. It can increase your risk of getting skin cancer and can cause premature aging. Also, your lips, hands and eyes need sun protection. They can still get damage just like other parts of our body and can get skin cancer.  The UVA rays from the sun can penetrate through driving or sitting near a window. Your skin can still get damage even if you are not planning on spending time outside.  Some products have a built in SPF so you may not need to put on a separate sunscreen.

My skin gets extra shiny in hot and humid weather so I always carry a pack of blotting papers. This will help get rid of shine before retouching with powder. Blotting papers get rid of access shine on the face without disrupting your makeup (if you are wearing any).  Putting on powder before blotting can make you look chalky.

Heavy foundations seem to crease and slide on the face and the foundation seems to disappear. Instead, I opt for a light or sheer coverage foundation because they last longer on my skin. It also feels more comfortable in warm weather. Mineral powder foundations are great in warm weather because they help to absorb oils.

Blush and bronzers can disappear throughout the day. I recommend using a gel or stain blush or bronzer. They tend to last longer than cream or powder products. Cream products can slide in the heat. Powder blush or bronzer can feel heavy in the hot weather.

In the summer time waterproof formulas last longer than non-waterproof formulas. Non-waterproof formulas can smudge and run on your face. Personally, I don’t like to look as if I have panda eyes throughout the day so I always choose a waterproof formula.

My lipsticks seem to melt in the tube and feel heavy on my lips. Instead, I like to use a tinted lip balm, lip gloss or stain on my lips. They seem to be lightweight and contain some color to my face. Some lip products contain SPF so they help protect your lips from the sun.

Makeup can feel heavy and uncomfortable in hot and humid weather. The makeup can still last throughout the day but may need to blot your face and apply more powder. You can still have fun with your makeup in the heat. 


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