Finding Your Perfect Foundation:

It can be difficult to find a foundation that you really enjoy. There are a lot of different foundations on the market that will work for multiple different skin types and needs. Someone with oily skin may want a foundation that controls their oils. Other people with dry skin may want a foundation that will add more hydration to their skin. Also, people may have sensitive skin that reacts to just about everything and they need to be very careful on the products they use.

Any product on the market can cause someone with sensitive skin to have allergic reactions. Such as hives, rashes, tiny red bumps (not acne), stinging, and burning. Someone who is having allergic reactions may not get all this reactions but only one or two. It is best to perform a patch test which you put a small amount on your skin. It is hard to know if you are allergic to the product unless you test the product on your skin.  Some common ingredients that can aggravate sensitive skin are fragrance and natural ingredients.

First, I think it is important to look at the coverage of the foundations. Foundations come in light, medium or full coverage. Not everyone needs full coverage and may want a light coverage foundation. Also, not everyone enjoys how full coverage foundations feel on their skin.

  • Light/sheer Coverage: It will let your skin to show through the foundation but will just even out your skin tone. Most tinted moisturizers have a light coverage foundation but some foundations do have a light coverage. Since the foundation is light you can normally get away with a foundation that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. It is the easiest foundation to match to your skin tone.
  • Medium Coverage: It will provide more coverage than light coverage but will not hide every flaw. It is right in the middle and will cover up any minor acne on the face. Also, it will even out your skin tone. I find most foundations have a medium coverage which I know a lot of people enjoy.
  • Full Coverage: This foundation will hide everything on your face. Any facial scars, freckles, acne and other issues. It will even out your skin but may feel the heaviest on the skin.  I do not recommend this coverage of foundation unless you have problematic skin or for nighttime. You may want to look extra flawless at night. It is important to use a very good makeup remover because it will not come off with soap and water.

Next factor, I believe in finding the perfect foundation is the finish of the foundation. Foundations come in a satin, matte, luminous/dewy or natural finish.

  • Natural: This is my favorite finish because it makes your skin look like you are not wearing any foundation.
  • Luminous/Dewy: This is a good finish for someone with dry skin because it gives skin a more hydrated look. It will give a shine (not shimmery) which looks like you just applied a moisturizer to the skin.
  • Matte: It is best for someone with oily skin because does not have a sheen, shimmer to the skin. It has a powdery finish to the skin and the skin can look dry and cakey. Someone with oily skin a will look very natural.
  • Satin: It adds sheen to the skin but does not make the face look shiny.

Lastly is the formula of the foundation because they come in many different textures. Some will work better for some skin types than others.

  • Mineral/Powder: It works best for oily skin. They come in both loose and press compacts. The product tends to have a matte finish and the coverage levels can vary. It is good for touch ups but may not last all day.
  • Cream: It is best for dry skin because it helps add more hydration to the skin. The foundation tends not to cling to any dry patches. Most formulas have a medium to full coverage.
  • Liquid: Works for all skin types from very dry to very oily. This is my favorite foundation formula. Some add more hydration to the skin and others control oils very well.
  • Whipped: The foundation both helps add moisture to some areas to the skin and can control oils in others. It helps balance the skin and most provide medium to full coverage. The foundation is best for combination/normal skin.
  • Stick: Works for most skin types except for oily skin. It photographs well and it is easy to spot coverage. It can be buildable from medium to full coverage.
  • Tinted Moisturizers: Works for all skin types depending on how moisturizing the product. Some have a lot of hydration to the skin and is best for dry skin. Others do not have a lot of hydration and good for oily skin. It generally has light/sheer coverage and is multi-tasking product.

There are three factors in consider the perfect foundation. Everyone will want a different foundation and many on the market. There are foundations from drugstore to high end.




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