Understanding Clothing Size:

Clothing companies do not have a standard sizing and is common to have a range of different sizes. The sizes means very little to the consumer accept the how big the item in the sizing range. In pants/skirts I vary from a size 2 to a size 6. In tops, I vary from an XS to a L. I am the exact same measurements but I am different sizes. It depends on the designer/companies perspective on sizing. Remember in clothing there are going to be individual differences. I can show you five different people in the same size. However, each person is going to look different.

The most common sizing chart gives the bust, waist and hip measurement. Some companies will even include the inseam and the thigh measurement. This is helpful in shopping for pants. Charts often use the measurements of an hourglass figure for determining the numbers. The problem is that not every female has an hourglass figure. Someone could have larger hips and thighs. Another person may have a larger chest.

When I look at a company’s size chart, I look at the hip and bust measurement. I may look at the thigh measurement, if it is provided. In looking at the chart, I can determine my hips are X inches and my bust is X inches. I know that I will probably wear X size in this brand. However, I tend to not like buying clothes online. Clothes can run big or small compared to the chart.  I can determine if I need to take a size bigger or smaller. I will only buy clothes online, if there is a return policy.

Remember that clothes do not represent the size but it is simply a number. I know that I will probably want to buy the size 2 because it is a smaller number than a size 6. However, the size 6 may fit my body better than the size 2. Instead, I buy the size 6 knowing that I look great in the garment. A good fit in clothes in more important than the size.

Clothes that are too tight will make you look bigger. However, clothes that are too big are not going to give a flattering look. I will also make you look bigger. When clothes have the right fit, you will look smaller and slimmer. It will also look more flattering.

A company/designer will often use a fit model to check the fit of the garment. It is a real person but the model fits the criteria. They are generally have the same bust-waist-hip circumference, shoulder width, leg length, consist height, etc. The garments are often translated to different sizes across the range. A brand fits you very well; you are probably similar to the Fit Model. It is fine if a company does not fit you. You may be in between two sizes.  It is best to look at another brand until you find one that fits your body well. It might take some time but it is well worth the effort. You will look great, no matter what size and height.

Companies do not have a universal sizing chart. It will vary among different brands and designs. A good fit is crucial and has so many benefits. Remember that it does not matter how big or small. Sizes do not matter on your size but the number in the sizing range. 


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