DevaCurl No Poo vs. DevaCurl Low Poo

It is hard for me to find a good shampoo for my fine curly hair. A lot of shampoos on the market dry out my hair and my hair cannot retain any moisture. Other shampoos weighed down my hair. I started to use the DevaCurl line when my hairdresser recommended the product. She recommended me to try the DevaCurl No Poo and the DevaCurl Low Poo. My hair has several different curl patterns, she wanted to see which product my hair response better.

I personally wash my hair everyday because my hair will become weighed down otherwise. It becomes flat and I do not enjoy the look. My hairdresser did not tell me to not wash my hair every day and my hair is extremely healthy.

My hairdresser told me to avoid any shampoos that contained sulfates since they were bad for the hair. Sulfates were causing most of the dryness on my scalp and I was getting dry flakes. Sulfates were damaging my hair and causing split ends. I noticed that I had more of my hair falling out when using a sulfate shampoo. My hair seems thicker after switching to a sulfate-free cleanser. In general my hair is still fine and thin in texture.

DevaCurl is an expensive hair care brand that uses a lot of natural ingredients.  The DevaCurl No Poo is $18.95 for 12 oz and the DevaCurl Low Poo is $18.95 for 12 oz. The entire brand was designed for someone with wavy, curly and kinky hair. The owner Lorraine Massey has curly hair and struggled with it. She learned that many people with curly hair struggle with their hair and created a movement to embrace the curls, waves and kinks. She learned how to care for her own curly hair and wanted to teach others. Lorraine Massey believes anyone with a slight wave to kinky hair can have beautiful curls.

When exploring the DevaCurl Line, there are no products labeled as shampoo. The owner of the company says that shampoos have the harsh ingredient called Sulfates, which are too harsh for curly hair. Sulfates according to Lorraine Massey cause dryness and frizz to the hair. All of the DevaCurl line is Sulfate free.

My hair responded well to the DevaCurl No Poo and the DevaCurl Low Poo. If I had to repurchase only one of the shampoos I would buy the DevaCurl No Poo because it leaves my scalp well hydrated. I feel I do not need both cleansers.

The DevaCurl No Poo my hair likes the best because it help keep my scalp hydrated. My scalp is extremely dry and will cause my hair to knot easily. The cleanser does not bubble up much in the palms of the hands which may cause to use too much of the product. You do not need a lot of the product to clean your hair. My hair felt clean and not strip from the essential oils. In the shower my hair curled up the most compared to the DevaCurl Low Poo. Also, my hair did not tangle except when I needed my hair cut. The DevaCurl Low Poo left my hair tangled. The product looks like a lightweight conditioner because technically it is a cleansing conditioner. This product does not leave my hair frizzy, which I enjoy. However, I did not enjoy that it did not add more volume. On the other hand the product did not weight down my hair.

The DevaCurl Low Poo is a good product for clarifying my hair but my hair felt a little dry afterwards. I needed to follow up with a conditioner to eliminate the frizz from my hair.  My hair was difficult to untangled when using this shampoo. I found the best way to untangle my hair was to comb when it had my rise out conditioner and brush it after I got out of the shower. My hair felt clean but my scalp felt strip from the essential oils. My hair did not curl that much in the shower because my hair was one big knot. It left my hair a little frizzy and did not retain a lot of moisture. DevaCurl Low Poo gave my hair a little bit of volume, which I enjoy from the product. The DevaCurl Low Poo bubble up well and do not need a lot of the product. A little of this product will go a long way. I believe this product is a good product but I enjoy the DevaCurl No Poo better.

Remember that everyone’s hair response differently from different hair care products. I enjoy both products for different purposes. I do not feel I need both products and I will only repurchase one of the products. 


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