Petite Fashion Tips:

Clothes and fashion cannot be very flattering for a petite since they can make you look shorter. I think it is best to enhances and flatter your figure. A petite is consider anyone under 5’4” which I happen to fall under. I am five foot tall and know about the struggles of finding clothes that fit.  I also want to note that petites come in many different shapes and sizes.

Petite clothing is designed differently than the regular sizes. I find that petite clothes fit my body better. Regular sized clothes are designed for people that are 5’4” to 5’8”. The clothes will not fit properly on someone who is shorter. Petite clothes have shorter torso measurements, length and shorter sleeves. Also some clothes are scaled down from the regular sizes to help flatter the petite figure. Some designers may put smaller buttons, scaled down prints, vertical strips and monochromatic color schemes.

In general it is best to look for clothes that do not add bulk. It will overwhelm your frame but instead choose lighter weight fabrics, cashmere, etc. v-neck top will help elongate the figure, which helps in making you look taller. Also, vertical stripes will help make you look taller, slimmer. In general it is best to not add too much extra material to petites, since it can swallow the frame.

A lot of tips say to avoid a large print which makes petites look shorter. This is true and not true. Prints that are bigger than your fist are too large to flatter petites. A fist size print is still a larger print, which does not make you look shorter.

Pants/Jeans: Straight, skinny and boot cut styles works well for petites. A boot cut works especially well if you are wide in the hips. A straight or skinny style will help elongate the figure. A dark wash in pants/jeans will help elongate the legs, which makes you look taller. Also styles that have pin stripes or other vertical elements will be flatter on petites. Cuffs can break the vertical line which makes a petite look shorter. Pants that are too wide are very tight at the knee are not going to be flatter. The flares are going to be too much extra fabric. Shoes that match the pants will help elongate the figure.

Skirts: Miniskirts are not flattering for some body shapes which can emphasize any problem areas. The best length is about an inch to two inches above the knee. It will elongate your legs which is important for petites. A long skirt can also be flatter but are harder to wear. They will need heels to not make a petite look shorter and wider. Regardless of size no clothing should be too tight or too loose. It will add pounds not make you look slimmer.

Shoes: I read tips that said that petites should not wear flats because it will not elongate the figure. This is not true because flats can make petites look taller. Shoes that have a v-shape will help make petites look taller. I also like an almond shape because it is very flattering. A round shape can add pounds to your look.  A nude shoe (same color as your skin tone) will be less obvious where your legs begin and end. Shoes that are not very flatter are ankle straps since they break the vertical line. It can make the legs look stumpy which is not a flattering look. Boots should not be above the knee because it will break up the body. Instead choose ankle boots or mid-calf boots (they will probably hit just under the knee).

Accessories: In general smaller accessories are going to be more flattering than chunky accessories. However, chunky accessories can be flattering depending on styling. A thin belt, smaller necklaces will be flattering. A purse that is oversize will break the vertical line. A purse I believe should not be longer than hip length. Also a wide bag will add pounds to your look.  Accessories can help in creating a vertical line.

There are plenty of flattering styles for petites and many different shapes. The best way to know something is flattering is to try on the clothes. Regardless of these tips, not everything is going to be flattering for your shape. 


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