How to Walk in Heels:

Walking in heels is tricky since it requires a certain amount of balancing. I remember wearing heels for the first time and having trouble walking. The heels were small chunky heel and I still own them. I had to practice and my sister taught me how to walk in heels. It took me years to develop the skill to walk in heels and through practice walking becomes easier.

I recommend starting with a small heel (1-2”) because they will be easier to walk in then a higher heel. A higher heel requires more balance then a smaller heel. Overtime you will be able to walk in any heel that you desire to wear. A chunky heel with a small heel is one of the easiest heels to walk.

The first step in walking in heels is to balance standing up on the heel. I found it is hard to walk in heels without balancing. I would recommend picking a heel that does not feel uncomfortable or any sort of discomfort. It is probably going to be harder to walk in since the foot will not want to put the pressure on the spot that hurts.

Once, you become balance on the heel then it is time to start to walk. I would practice on different surfaces. There are different ways to walk on heels depending on the surface. Walking on a flat surface (not grass), you will want to put most of your weight on the heel. It will give you the most amounts of balance. The heel should be the first to be put down on the ground following the ball part of your foot. Walking flat foot or ball to heel will make your walk look weird. It will be harder to walk in the heel except for some surfaces.

When walking down steps or on grass you will want to walk ball to heel. Walking heel to ball in grass will make your heels sink in and may ruin your heels. It will be harder to walk when your heel is sunk into the grass. Also, walking heel to ball down the steps may make you fall. It is safer to walk ball to heel for balance. If a railing in available please use it to make it easier to balance and not trip down the steps.

It may take time to master walking in heels. Once, I became able to walk in multiple different heels, I still prefer a low heel. I find they are more comfortable on the feet than a high heel and work for more conservative places. 


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