Nail Polish Obsession Tag:

I love having my nails neatly painted but I do not talk about nail polish a lot. I get in moods were all I want to do is to paint my nails and others times I do not want to paint them. None of the less I love nail polish, especially in the summer months. There are ten questions below that I will answer in the tag.

1. What is your favorite nail polish company? I love OPI nail polishes because of the formula. They go on smoothly and without any streaks. The nail polish does not bubble and is easy to clean up any smudges around the nails. I find colors from OPI that I love and will repurchase (if not limited edition). No other company I wanted to repurchase a shade from and I do not enjoy the formula as much. Also, OPI last a long time on my nails compared to other nail polish brands.

2. Glitter or no glitter? I do not wear glitter nail polish a lot, so I would say no glitter. Glitter nail polishes, I think are fun around the holidays. The nail polish seems to be difficult to remove from your nail which makes me not enjoy wearing glitter nail polish. I am not usually impressed with the formulation of glitter nail polishes and an often time requires multiple coats of glitter nail polish to become opaque.

3. OPI, China Glaze or Essie? I would have to say OPI nail polishes because of all the reasons I mention earlier. Essie I am not attracted to because of the packaging. I feel that I am not getting a lot of nail polish for the price. Also, I do not like the formula of Essie polishes as much as OPI. China Glaze does not seem to have any polishes that I am really excited to own. I think the colors are pretty but I am not excited to wear them.

4. When do you change your nail polishes? I change my nail polish whenever I want to change them. Sometimes, I will change my polishes everyday but I usually wait till the polish chips.

5. What is your favorite color on your nails? I love wearing nude and light pink polishes on my nails. One of my favorite nail polishes of all time is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy. I also love OPI bubble bath and OPI Sweetheart.

6. Darks or bright? I do not like how dark nail polishes look against my hand or feet. They tend to drain my color and are a harsh contrast. However, I love dark nail polishes on other people just not on me. I will wear bright colors mainly on my toes because I think it gives a little pop of color. I enjoy the contrast against my complexion.

8. What are you wearing on your nails right at this moment? I am wearing OPI Steady as she roses which is a beautiful unique color in my nail polish collection. It is one of my newest OPI nail polishes and the color is a light grey, pinkish purple color. I think it is a color that can be worn all year round and will probably never get tired of wearing the color.

8. Matte Nails- In or out? I would say matte nails are out because I do not enjoy the feeling of the polish on my fingers. I personally love a shiny finish to my nails because I feel matte nails makes my complexion look dull.

9. French Manicure? I do enjoy a French manicure because I think they look very put together. I think French manicures look are professional and can work well for special events.

10. Favorite winter color? Summer Color? I do not think I have a favorite for any season because I do not pick my nail polish based on the season. I will wear whatever nail polish I want to wear.

I tag anyone who wants to do the Nail Polish Obsession tag and I would enjoy reading your answers to the questions. 


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