Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish:

I feel nail polish wears on everyone differently and has brands they prefer over others. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish. I do not enjoy doing negative reviews but I wanted to be honest of what I think of a product.

The only three items, I liked about the nail polish was the price, appearance of the bottle and colors. Sally Hansen has some beautiful shades and picked up five colors. The shades are extremely pretty on the nails but I did not enjoy the formula. The nail polish cost about $2.49 per bottle, which I was hoping to like. I did not want to spend money on my favorite nail polish, OPI. That brand cost about 8 to 9 dollars a bottle. I enjoyed the design of the bottle. I thought the bottle was cute and names are on the top of the nail polish. The font on the bottle is white, which makes reading the bottle hard on some colors.  

In my opinion the nail polish was thick and hard to work with when applying the polish on the nails. I could see a raise surface on my nail when the polish was on them. I enjoy my nails to have a smooth finish. It did not leave a finish on my nails, I enjoyed. The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish went all over my cuticles and fingers when applied. The nail polish got every wear and required a long clean up time. When I was trying to clean up any smudges, it got worst. The nail polish started to stain my hands. I had to wash my hands to get the stains off my skin.

The nail polish would not apply smoothly over a base coat to help prevent staining and have the manicure last longer. I had more stains on my nails when applying a base coat to my nails which I never experience before. I tried to use a nail strengthener as a based coat and the nail polish did not go on smoothly. I had bumps in the polish and bubbles began to form. I had nail polish on my parts of my hands, which do not touch nail polish. Also, a based coat or strengthener made the nail polish easier to have dents or fingerprints. I still had issues with the nail polish drying.

The nail polish never seem to dry properly on my nails. I wanted an hour for my nail polish to dry and not mess up my freshly painted manicure. However, immediately I had dents and fingerprints on my nails.  The nail polish started to peel off my nails and I never had that problem with any other nail polish. I remove the nail polish in less than a day from when I applied the product. All the Sally Hansen nail polishes I had the problem.

I tried the polish several different ways and tried to work with the nail polish. I used up 1/3 of a bottle in one application. The nail polish was on my nails less than a day. I do not think the nail polish would last me as long as my more expensive nail polish. I would have to buy more bottle of the same nail polish and in the long run spend more money. I rather spend more money on nail polish that would last me a lot longer.

Some of the Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, I found are not very opaque. I had to apply multiple coats to even have the nail polish color show up on my nails. Normally, I apply two coats and have an opaque finish on my nails. I do not mind a sheer finish but want some color on my nails. The nail polish was basically clear for a nail polish not close to clear.  The nail polish applied streaky to my nails and look worst with every applications. The first coat of the nail polish looks the best but did not look great. Getting a professional manicure would have look much better than my experiences with the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. My OPI nail polish, I get a manicure that looks like a professional painted my nails.

Overall, I do not recommend this nail polish, even though it does not cost a lot of money. I heard lots of good reviews on the product but I do not see the hype. I am sorry if anyone else really enjoys the nail polish but it just did not work for me.  I will not buy any more Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polishes. 


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