Why I Canceled my Just Fab Account:

I saw some shoes that I thought were cute and they said it was from Justfab.com. At the time, I did not realize it was a membership club and they said it was a free membership to sign up. However, I realized it was not true. It is a free membership, if you do not purchase anything from the site but when you purchase an item you are considered a VIP member. They will start charging your account every month 39.95 and you are require to skip the month if you are not planning on buying shoes. This does not sound to be a free membership because you will be charged. I heard from others that six times you skip the month; they will charge you $39.95 anyways. I do not think this is fair, since you should not be charged.

Another item that annoyed me about Just Fab was the customer service. I used both the telephone and the live chat. First, I started by using the live chat and the employees would not answer my questions. I told the employee that they did not answer my question. They started to get very nasty to me and told me to call Just Fab. I told them, I will not buy anything off their website. It is my money to purchase whatever I want and I do not have to purchase anything. I wanted to make sure no money was going to be taken out. At this point, I am thinking Just Fab is a scam. I do not want to be caught up in a scam and not know if I am going to get the product shipped to where I lived. I wanted to cancel my account, which I was told to call Just Fab. The employee bluntly said good bye and would only answer questions I did not ask before. I should be allowed to ask the same question multiple times and this is not fair for someone with a disability. Someone with a disability may need to ask the same question in order to understand.

I then called Just Fab to make sure my account was not being charged. They said my account was not being charged and I could not cancel my account. I was not a VIP members, since I did not purchase anything. I told them I do not want my information to be on the website and to cancel my account. They did cancel my account and I am sure to never purchase anything from Just Fab. I especially wanted my account to be cancelled because I had a weird bad gut feeling about the company. I do not believe that anyone should receive bad customer service. I worked in retail environment before and I know how important customer service is to a customer. I was told in my training that a customer will probably not go back without good customer service.

Before, I canceled my account, the website said they would pick shoes according to my personality. There was not one shoe Just Fab picked out that I did not like. None of the shoes fit my personality. I looked at other shoes and none of the shoes I felt I really needed. I did not think the shoes were worth the price and would only purchase the shoes if they were really cheap. For me 39.95 are not cheap, considering I got designer shoes for that price. I got Sam Edelman shoe at Marshalls for 39.95.

I am not trying to say that Just Fab is a bad company, it just was not a good fit for me. I do not purchase items with bad customer service and it is very important. 


2 thoughts on “Why I Canceled my Just Fab Account:

    • I called Just Fab to cancel my account. I was told since I was not a VIP, I could not cancel my account. I complain while I was on the phone and said it should not matter if you are a VIP to cancel an account. If you do not like there service, I do not believe you should have to stick with it. I heard other people having trouble canceling their accounts and were on the phone for a long time to cancel. I was on the phone about 20 minutes and the person on the phone was not nice. He was trying to convince me to keep my membership. I was not sure that my account was canceled and thought that he was lying to me. I went on JustFab live chat to make sure my account was cancelled. She said my account is cancelled and I can still order off the website. I do not have the burden of 39.95 a month and do not need to press skip the month. Apparently, when you cancel you account, they cancel your VIP membership. Instead of paying 39.95 for each shoe, you have to pay the full retail amount. I wanted to make sure if I order from Just Fab that I am not getting myself into a VIP membership. I saw in the checkout that there is a button to uncheck the VIP membership. It is a spot that people could miss, if you are not careful. I do not think, I will be ordering from Just Fab. Hopefully, this helps you.

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