Products I finished in June

I do not always finish product every month and I am not sure how often I am going to do this post. In general June was a very busy month for me and did not have much time to blog. I unfortunately threw away the bottles before I took a picture. I will try to include pictures of the products next time. 

One of the first products I finished was the Deva Curl No Poo. It is my current favorite shampoo and repurchase the product. I never had a shampoo before that did not strip all the natural oils out of my hair. My hair does not feel dry after using the product and it is sulfate free. The product is also silicone free. My naturally curly hair could not look better. 

Another product I finish was my facial cleanser. I use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to cleanse my eczema, sensitive, dry skin. Most cleanser causes my skin to become very irritated. I usually get rashes, burning, hives from most cleansers I used in the past. This cleanser did not cause any irritation and it says it is formulated for the most sensitive skin. It does not foam up like other cleansers but my skin still feels clean. My skin does not feel dry at all after using the product. I already repurchase the product. 

The next product I finished was my facial moisturizer. I used the Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. I was not in love with this product because it did not seem to eliminate some of my dry patches. I think it is a good product for people with normal to combination skin types. I think the product may be too heavy for people with oily skin types. Overall, I was please that the product did not irritate my skin. I did not repurchase this product and I am not sure if I would repurchase. 

Throughout the month of June, I finished my contact solution. I naturally do not have very good vision and wear contacts (I wear soft contacts). There is only one brand, my contact say I can use (it is written on the box). I can only use the Opti-Free Contact solution. The formula that I always use is the Opti-free replenish which helps my contacts to retain moisturize. The solution did not cause my contacts to irritate my contacts throughout the day. I also use the product to clean my earrings. This may sound wierd. When I got my ears pierced the person piercing them told me to clean my earrings with contact solution. I already repurchase the product. 

The last product I used was my mascara. I tried the Maybelline rocket volume express mascara in the shade black/brown. I often have problems with mascara irritating my eyes but this product did not cause any irritation. This product did volumized and give length to my lashes. It seem to separate my already thick full lashes. Black mascara does not look very good on me and looks like I got into a fight. I will continue to repurchase this mascara and I already repurchase. 

It seemed like I used more products up in the month of June. I typically do not use a lot of products up in a month.



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