Gap 1969 Real Straight Leg Jeans Review

I have a lot of trouble finding the perfect pair of jeans. Most jeans do not fit me properly. Finding jeans that fit me well is like finding the needle in a haystack. I have heard a lot of hype about the Gap 1969 Premium jeans and went to try them on. Gap carries a lot of different styles from skinny jeans to boot cut jeans. My favorite styles of jeans are the straight leg jeans. Straight leg jeans help elongate my short legs. While boot cut seems to engulf me, except for a slim boot cut. My body shape is of a rectangle.

I know a lot of people who have the same body shape struggle with the thighs of the pants being too big. However, I have very muscular thighs. I used to do competitive swim and exercise frequently. My genetics have blessed me with muscular thighs and very little curves.  I do not have any pictures of me trying on the jeans.


I have short legs but very muscular toned legs. Most brands do not carry jeans that both fit my waist and thigh area. If the jean fits my thighs, it is too big in the waist. If it fits in the waist, then it is too tight in the thigh. The Gap 1969 Straight Leg jeans, I could fit into but it wasn’t the most flattering. My thighs looked huge. I wish the jeans would have emphasized my toned legs. I know the Gap jeans will look amazing on someone but they were not the right ones for me.

I prefer my Lucky Brand Sofia Straight Leg Jeans and Ann Taylor Loft curvy straight leg jeans. Those two pair of jeans fit me amazing. They highlight my strengths and hide my imperfections. The sales associate in Lucky told me to always look for jeans that say curvy. These jeans generally have a smaller waist (which I need) and larger thigh area. However, based on the advice of the sales associate the curvy jeans still are generally too big in the waist.


The Gap online sells jeans in five different inseams but in store only sell three of the inseams. I thought that I would need the petite length, since I am not blessed with long limbs. I generally need pants in the shortest inseam, I can find. Usually the shortest inseam of the pants is way too long. I generally need to go to my tailor and get them altered.

I tried on the Gap 1969 in store and grab the short inseam. My expectations were puddles of excess fabric covering my feet. However, the short inseam was the perfect length for my short legs. Anyone with shorter legs than I have the petite inseam would probably be the right length. My perfect inseam is about 29 inches. I know the length for petite denim can tricky, since petites can vary for the perfect length.


In general the straight leg jean is recommended for people with short legs. The style of jeans helps elongate the legs, since it creates a strong vertical line. The straight leg jean does make me look taller and leaner. Those are two factors in jeans that I love, since I am already petite ( I am 5 feet 1 inches tall, I grew since the last time I mention my height).  However, slim boot cuts, skinny leg and trousers jeans can be flattering on petites.

Straight leg jeans seem to be one of the most flattering jeans for me. The Gap 1969 straight leg jeans were not the most flattering. The reason that the jeans did not flatter me was the jean did not fit me well. Any jean that does not fit properly will not be flattering. I have other brand jeans that are in a straight leg and do flatter my body. Jeans are probably one of the hardest to find that makes you look amazing.

I generally stay away from distressed denim because it emphasizes the legs. Distressed denim tends to make my thighs look huge. I rather my legs look toned, not big. However, I saw some people look amazing in distressed denim. Distressed denim is just not my cup of tea.


The Gap straight leg jeans do not have any sort of embellishment, contrasting bright stitching or flap pockets. Those details on the pocket cause the bum to look larger. Women with an ample bum should avoid any sort of detail on the bum area.

The jeans pockets are slightly diagonal slightly towards the middle. This feature causes the bum to look perkier. The jean pockets are not too close towards the center or too far. The jean placement seems to be universally flattering.

The pocket size is another huge factor. I generally look for jeans with mid size pocket. That size pocket seems to be the most flattering. Huge pockets and tiny pockets put my bum out of proportion. The Gap 1969 denim did not seem close together or far apart. The pocket placement is important on how the jeans are going to look on your body. Pockets too close or too far can make your bum look bigger. I do like how the pockets of the jeans look like on my body (as a side note, I do not have a huge bum).


I love dark wash denim, since it goes with everything. Dark colors in general tend to recede, while lighter colors bring more emphasize. I always heard that darker color jeans make petites look taller and slimmer. Those two factors are appealing to me, since I am not very tall. What woman does not want to look slimmer?

I picked up the Gap 1969 straight leg jeans in the darkest color. The dark color seems to be very flattering on me. The jeans came in different washes depending on your style preferences. I wished the jeans came in colors other than black and blue. Color denim is on trend. Darker color jeans such as a burgundy would have the same slimming effect.  


The jean material is an important aspect of the jeans. Jeans that are made out of 100% cotton do not have any stretch. However, jeans that have spandex, Lycra blended in the cotton will have stretch to the denim. The stretch of the denim tends to be a bit more forgiving.  It stretches were it needs to be stretched. The Gap real straight jeans are made of 87% cotton, 12% Polyester, 1% Spandex. I expect these jeans to stretch a little over time. I will want these jeans to be form fitting but not tight. The more I wear the jeans, the more comfortable the jeans will be. I would suggest anyone to look for jeans with stretch. However, I do not recommend jeans with more than 2% spandex. The higher the spandex, the higher the amount it will stretch. High levels of stretch may stretch too much.

The weights of the Gap jeans are a thicker material. I tend to prefer my jeans with mid-weight jeans. Heavy-weight jeans tend to be very uncomfortable for me. I think it is preference on the weight of the fabric of the jeans. Some people do enjoy thicker denim. However, I always feel like I gained a lot of weight with a heavy weight feel of my jeans.


I think everyone will find jeans fit them completely different. One person may find the jeans true to fit based on the size chart and another person fined it different. Based on the size chart, Gap says I should be a size 2 or size 26. In the petite jeans, Gap says I should be a size 2 or 26. The jeans in a size 2 did not fit me and was way too small. The size chart on Gap is based on an hourglass figure. I do not have an hourglass figure, and know I will probably not be the exact same size on the size chart.  I tend to be tiny. Do to my muscular frame; I tend to be a larger size. I need more room to fit my muscular body. If I was not very muscular, I would probably be a size 0.  I think the best way of knowing something fits you is to try the item on.

When I am looking at a sizing chart on the manufacturer’s website, I like to try on several different sizes. I will grab one size smaller and two or three sizes bigger. Sometimes, a jean can buckle but it does not mean the jeans fit. A jean in the next larger size may fit better than the jean in the smaller size.

As a note, I do not recommend shopping for jeans based on a certain size. Clothing today is based on vanity sizing. A size 4 may be smaller in some stores and larger in others. A size is just a number and can usually cut out the size. No one will know the size you are unless you tell someone. However, people will be able to tell if the item of clothing does not fit you properly. Shopping based on a size may cause you to purchase ill-fitting clothing.


The Gap Real Straight Jeans are not super expensive. When the jeans are not on sale, they are $69.95. They are a mid-priced jean.


Jeans are one of the hardest to purchase to find the perfect pair. The Gap 1969 real straight was not the jean for me but will be better on someone else. Just because a jean does not fit me, does not mean it will not fit you. I think it is best to purchase clothing that makes you look amazing. I would recommend the Gap 1969 Real Straight Jeans to others.  


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