My shoe problem: Shoe Sizing too big

Shoes have always been a struggle for me to find ones that properly fit my fit. Most shoe brands sell shoes starting from a U.S 5 ½ to U.S 6.
Until, one day, I was shopping for shoe in Nordstroms and The sale associate told me that my shoes were too big for my feet. I needed to buy shoes that were smaller. She told me that I should only have 3/8 inch to ½ inch of extra room from my longest toe. This was drastically different from the shoes I put on my feet. I had about a 1 inch of extra room from my longest toe. She told me that my shoe size is a 5 and would not allow me to buy a bigger size. The sales associate told me that Nordstrom starts selling shoes from size 4 but most of the shoes start from size 5.
I thought Nordstrom’s was the only place that sold shoes smaller than a U.S 5 1/2. This would be the only place; I would find shoes that would properly fit my feet. Until, one day I was shopping in Banana Republic and saw a cute pair of shoes. I saw that Banana Republic sold shoes in a size 5 and was amazed that they sold shoes that small.
I know there are people like me that have a hard time finding shoes small enough for their feet. I found a few stores that sold shoes in small shoe sizes. Here are some sites, I know sell shoes in small sizes. If you know other stores that sell shoes in a size 5 or smaller, please let me know.
• Nine West (start from a U.S 5). My local store seems to be well stocked in a size 5. If they do not have a shoe in stock, they will be willing to ship the shoe to you. Also, Nine West does have sales on their shoes and is great quality for the price.
• Aldo (start from a U.S 5): I am not sure if they sell size 5 in store, because I did not buy my shoe in my local store. However, I know you can buy size 5 online. They do not sell shoes in a 5 1/2.
• Banana Republic (start from a U.S 5): My local store has a limited selection of shoes in store. Online seems to have a better selection of shoes.
• Old Navy: Some of the shoes come in 5 but most of the shoes come in 6.
• Asos: I am not sure what size shoe they start but they do sell shoes in size 5. I think they may sell shoes smaller. They sell trendy shoes and some of the shoes are inexpensive. This is a great website if you want to try a shoe trend but do not want to spend a lot of money.
• Zappos (start from a size 4): This is an online website and I personally did not order any shoes from this site.
• Nordstrom (start from size 4). Not all the shoes are very expensive and can find shoes less than $100. However, they do sell designer shoes that cost more than $1,000.


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